Passion for people, planet and community is an important part of Frantz mission and part of every business decision. We want to do our part in taking care of the planet and its people for it to be beautiful for many, many more years to come for example by preserving the past, as in the charming building from 1647 that we call home. We work closely with a lot of local brands and companies to promote both small and bigger Swedish businesses, we want the people that we work with to have the same passion for people, community, and the environment as we do! Taking care of people is quite literally our business but we want to reach further than just our amazing guests and that is why we chose to support Stockholms Stadsmission. They work hard to help the less fortunate and homeless people of Stockholm by providing food, shelter and work training as a few examples.

We strive to create a hotel experience for our guest that is both fantastic AND sustainable


Here are some examples of what we do:

· The energy we use is 100% from renewable sources and we do our best to reduce all unnecessary use.

· To reduce excess use of water we have installed a filter on all taps and shower that allow for us to use a lot less water, but of course without reducing the comfort of you shower!

· We clean a lot, so the products we use are carefully selected and all are eco and environmentally friendly without making them any less efficient.

· To give our guests a great start to each day, we try to choose as much organic items and local producers for our delicious breakfast.

· Our restaurant changes the menu a few times a year in order to have dishes made with fresh veggies that are in season, it’s great for the environment AND makes the food even better!


If you too want to make decisions that are kind to our planet, here are some ideas:

· The tap water in Stockholm is among of the best and cleanest in the world and it is for free, so please drink it and enjoy!

· Here at Hotel Frantz we think the city is best experienced by foot (so you don’t miss anything) but if you prefer another way to get around we can recommend to rent a bike or use one of the many busses, metro, tram and trainlines that are spread out all around Stockholm.

· We recycle! So please leave your recyclables (i.e cardboard boxes, plastics, cans and bottles) next to the trashcan in your room for us to collect and sort.

· Use our cute Frantz-cardholder and take your card out of its slot when you leave your room, this shuts off all non-essential electronics while you are out (psst, this does not affect the temperature control!)


Our hotel is awarded with the international eco-label Green Key. We are actively working with environmental and sustainability issues, by following Green Key’s comprehensive criteria.

Green Key is an international eco-label within the tourism and hospitality industry and present in more than 65 countries worldwide. The label is internationally managed by Foundation for Environmental Education who is partnered by UNEP, UNESCO and the World Tourism Organization. Today, over 170 establishments are eco-labeled with Green Key in Sweden. All Green Key establishments are checked through frequent audits, to ensure compliance of the criteria. Read more at www.greenkey.global and www.greenkey.se

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